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    An authorised distributor of RF Based Water Purifier       from METROHM

Potentiometeric Titration:

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The next generation of Titrators - Touch control or mouse click - the choice is yours.View Range

Karl Fischer Titration :

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774 Oven Sample Processor with 831 KF Coulometer- It's fast, easy and you can save a lot of time and money.View Range

Ion Chromotography:

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MIC-6 Advanced - Modular Ion Chromatography anion system - Advanced IC Systems that can safely meet all the demands placed on you. View Range

Voltammetry and Polarography :

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MVA-2 Semi-automatic voltammetry system - Designed for quantitative analysis in routine and research labs. View Range

Metrohm At-Line Analysis:

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Process Lab for Routine Chemical Analysis in industry - The Process Lab is a robust analytical system which allows various parameters to be measured at several measuring points in the production cycle.View Range

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